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Our counselling services can provide an opportunity for you to become more empowered to live your life in a more satisfying and resourceful way.

Counselling Services

Below is a list of the counselling services offered by ASCA and the potential benefits associated with counselling and seeking help. All of our counselling services are delivered at our premises in Newcastle Upon Tyne but we welcome clients from all areas of the North East.

Our Services & their potential benefits;

  • Childhood Abuse Counselling:
    Lessen feelings of guilt and shame, helping to lead a more productive and happy life. Increase self-esteem & personal autonomy. Childhood abuse can cover many areas including; emotional, physical, sexual and parental neglect. These can all impact on adult life and cause individuals to question their beliefs, behaviour and sometimes their sanity - so talking about these issues as part of our counselling services can often help put things into perspective.  

  • Bereavement Counselling:
    Most people emerge from the natural grieving process in a healthy manner. However, many people do not receive the support they need to overcome the pain of mourning. They feel they are trapped in their grief - feelings which later surface as the underlying cause of physical and emotional problems. Bereavement counselling helps people overcome these feelings. For some people bereavement counselling is their way back to a healthy life.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy {CBT}:
    This is a scientifically tested psychotherapy which focuses on beliefs that relate to the person, others and the world. These beliefs are tested to see if they are causing emotional upset and new beliefs are adapted if the client wishes. A CBT counsellor works collaboratively with individuals usually for 6- 8 sessions.

  • Generic Counselling:
    Sometimes problems cannot be placed in one specific group e.g bullying, problem neighbours, work stress, anxiety etc. Generic counselling aims to cover a wide range of issues in a supportive, non-judgemental setting with the emphasis on clients being free to discuss their feelings and explore possible solutions.

  • Psychosexual Therapy:
    Sexual problems or difficulties can arise in any relationship - some issues include: loss of sexual desire, arousal disorders, erectile dysfunction, difficulty with orgasm etc. Such psychosexual therapy issues may be longstanding or more recent and psychosexual therapy can help resolve these difficulties by giving individuals or couples an opportunity to explore why a problem may have arisen. Treating the cause as well as symptoms allows clients to overcome problems - where appropriate, by a specific psychosexual therapy treatment programme designed to suit the individual/couple.

  • Substance & Alcohol Misuse Counselling:
    Misuse of alcohol and/or substances can affect lives in many ways: depression, anxiety & stress, relationship problems, legal problems, financial problems, employment problems, health problems etc. Our counselling services can help individuals explore the reasons for the misuse, aim to reduce health-damaging behaviour associated with the misuse, consider the options and help prevent relapse in those who wish to change their lives by stopping the misuse.

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