ASCA Counselling is a private practice based in Newcastle upon Tyne, which has evolved from a previously well established charity working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse. ASCA the now closed charity, was born out of the Cleveland abuse enquiry in the 1980s.

Our courses are carried out by highly experienced Counsellors/Educational Trainers, Supervisors and group facilitators who between them have over 20 years in the Counselling & Therapeutic arena.

Our courses are delivered to relatively small groups to ensure all participants have equality in their learning and can gain as much as possible from the course work.

Whilst maintaining our counselling service to adult survivors of childhood abuse, in addition our team of qualified DBS checked male & female counsellors offer the following professional awareness courses:

  • Abuse Awareness - 2 Day Course
  • Mental Health - 2 Day Course
  • Understanding Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse - 2 Day Course
  • Grief & Loss - 2 Day Course
  • Personality Disorders - 1 Day Course
  • Suicide Awareness - 2 Day Course
  • Grief & loss by Suicide - 2 Day Course
  • Narcissistic Abuse - 2 Day Course
  • Developing a Stronger Awareness of Self - 2 Day Course

We also offer group work sessions in the following areas:

  • Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse support Group Work (Closed Group) 2 hours each session over 10 weeks
  • Grief & Loss Bereavement Group Work (Closed Group) 2 hours each session over 10 weeks