Stress Counselling South Tyneside

Could you benefit from stress counselling in South Tyneside?

Stress is something that will affect most people during their lifetime, something that can happen at any age. For some people it can be the stresses that come with raising a family, whereas others find that their work life is consuming them. It’s something that, what may seem easy enough to avoid, can happen to the best of us.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you could well be facing stress in your life

·       Low energy and low motivation

·       Insomnia

·       Easily irritable

·       Shaking, nausea and clammy hands

·       Excessive sweating

Finding the right help

Here at ASCA North East Counselling Services we are here to help you every step of the way. We aren’t here to fix your problems or give advice, but instead offer you an outlet to look at why you’re stressed and learn how to manage it.

We offer a non-judgemental platform in which you can express your true emotions and issues in complete confidence. Thanks to our fully qualified counsellors, you will be able to work through your stress with the right support and guidance from us.