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Skype Counselling

Skype Counselling in todays very busy and frenetic world, is now very popular. Our lives seem to be non stop, and finding the time to attend a Mental health Centre for some people can be very difficult.

Skype Counselling

Skype Counselling

For busy individuals, who for whatever reasons cannot attend face to face counselling sessions this kind of confidential service is ideal and can be carried out from the comfort of your own home from just about anywhere in the world.                        

Skype is a computer program that allows you to freely talk in real time via a video link very simply over the internet.   

You can download the software here it is free and very easy to download.

Most computers these days already have an inbuilt microphone and webcam, if your system does not have these components you can purchase them very easily and they are fairly inexpensive.

Some of the really helpful and positive benefits of Skype are that you will be able to actually see your counsellor in real time, this is something which of course people do not get with other forms of online therapy like telephone counselling or online chat.

We also have Face time available if you do not wish to install Skype.

You can arrange this by calling us on: 0191 2092887/ Office Mobile: 07748446774

Why Choose skype Counselling 


Online counselling on skype can be a great resource to those who have some type of disability. It can also help those individuals who have a fear of travelling or going outside their homes. In such cases, having the option of online counselling makes a big and convenient difference in the lives of the client’s who might want to access the service.

No Worry About Transportation

No more does the client have to take the trouble of leaving their home, driving or taking a cab, reaching their service centre and then getting an appointment for a counselling session. All they simply need to do is install skype in their laptop or mobile and attend their online counselling session. 

Social awkwardness

There are times when the client does not feel comfortable in talking to their counsellor face-to-face. Being in a new and unfamiliar surrounding with the counsellor present, sometimes the patient is not able to share their true feelings and troubles. They find it more comforting if they are able to speak to their therapist in a familiar environment such as their own house or room. 

online Counselling as Per your Schedule

Nowadays, life is so busy that sometimes it becomes difficult to show up for therapy sessions. With online counselling, you have the freedom to set your appointments as per your schedule and convenience. Online therapy allows you to take your counselling sessions from your home, or anywhere else in the world.

The Cost = your time and convenience

The cost is the standard cost of £35.00 per session which also includes your assessment. Our session costs are already massively reduced in order to enable people from different social economic backgrounds to access our professional services. 

How Does online Counselling Help?  

Online counselling has proven to be one of the best ways for people to conveniently get in touch with their therapists for their sessions. Skype counselling has proven to be an effective means of healing the person. They feel much more relaxed and at ease when talking to their therapist.    

Talking therapy is one of the common and most effective treatments for mental illness. You can discuss your issues in full confidence and be assured that you will be able to interact with a fully qualified and experienced therapist.

Here are few of the conditions that can be resolved through online counselling


Depression can have a real emotional impact an individual’s life. It can decrease your span of concentration and disturb your thinking capacity. Apart from that, you may also face difficulties in sleeping or carrying out your day-to-day activities. Before your depression worsens, it’s important you get the help you require.


If you are suffering from anxiety or anxiety attacks, you should see a Doctor first and then contact a therapist before your condition worsens. In the situation where you feel anxiety attacks as soon as you leave your home or in everyday general situations you should consider other therapy counselling options such as Skype counselling. You can call your therapist through Skype and attend your therapy sessions right in the comforts of your home.


If a person has been tolerating abusive behaviour from their parents, partner or anyone else, there comes a point in their life when their emotional/mental health becomes affected. They find it very difficult to recover and get back to living a normal life. The abuse has scarred them so much that they feels they have nowhere to go.

Talking about their abuse is not easy and most individuals do not feel comfortable sharing their experiences with anyone. In such cases, it becomes easier for the abuse to talk to their therapist, whom they know will keep everything confidential, through the medium of online counselling. The client can call their therapist right from their room and attend their therapy sessions seamlessly.


Grief & loss 

If a person has lost a loved one and are feeling alone, they may find themselves entering into phase of situational depression. These depressive  episodes can move across to panic attacks. It is better that they talk to someone regarding how they feel and the sorrow they are going through instead of holding these thoughts and feelings to themselves. They need to let out their pain and their sorrow, this is very cathartic for the person and will allow for a reduction in the persons stress. Talking therapies can be of great help to these individuals. Personal counselling is a way for the client  to heal and move on with their lives.

Skype online counselling 

Once you are in a state of depression, your body becomes less active and your mind becomes less alert. You do not feel like leaving your house or talking to anyone. All you want is to be left alone in the familiar surroundings of your home. 

In such cases, your loved ones can become worried and very concerned for your welfare, not always knowing what they can do to help. 

They can’t just leave their family member or friend alone in this state. In times like these, the best thing that can be done for the person is Skype Counselling. This way, the person will have the freedom to talk to their therapist in their room at their own convenience. This will help them open up to the counsellor without the client having the feeling of being forced to attend therapy counselling at a different location.     

These online sessions will help them in coping with the difficulties they are facing and, in the long run, help them recover from their mental illness. 

If you have a busy schedule, or find it troublesome to go to a mental health centre in order to attend your counselling sessions, you can choose to Skype with your counsellor.


Don’t depend on the world to come to your rescue. You must take the first step and help yourself out of your troubles. Take the initiative of getting out of the depression that you have been living in. Gather your courage and surprise yourself by handling your mental condition in a better way. 

Promise yourself that you will do all that you can to get better. The moment when you believe that you will overcome your depression and anxiety, that’s when self-help therapy will start to work for you. One of the best ways to get rid of suicidal thoughts is that you join a yoga class or meditate.  If your depression and anxiety has stopped you from socialising, then get back to your social circle. Your family and friends can be a strong support in helping you get out of your state of depression.

How to create your appointment

We will send you to a private link once you have pre booked your appointment .All you need to do is make sure you have Skype installed and that you have an account which is free. Then just click the button in the private link at the time of your appointment.

Cancellation Policy ASCA North East

Any fees paid in advance will not be refunded under the following circumstance:

If you wish to cancel your appointment you must do so using the following procedure.

Email us on info@ascanortheast.co.uk giving us at least 48 hours advance notice of your cancellation, i.e. if your session is booked for a Wednesday at 3.30pm, you must inform us by or before 3.30pm on the Monday prior to your appointment.

ASCA North East has a very high demand for our services, more so at particular times of the day, and your session is reserved and booked in solely for you and cannot be made available to others for booking.