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ASCA North East Skype Counselling

Skype Counselling in todays very busy and frenetic world, is now very popular. Our lives seem to be non stop, and finding the time to attend a Mental health Centre for some people can be very difficult.

Counselling Sessions on Skype

Counselling Sessions on Skype

For busy individuals, who for whatever reasons cannot attend face to face counselling sessions this kind of confidential service is ideal and can be carried out from the comfort of your own home from just about anywhere in the world.                        

Skype is a computer program that allows you to freely talk in real time via a video link very simply over the internet.   

You can download the software here it is free and very easy to download.

Most computers these days already have an inbuilt microphone and webcam, if your system does not have these components you can purchase them very easily and they are fairly inexpensive.

Some of the really helpful and positive benefits of Skype are that you will be able to actually see your counsellor in real time, this is something which of course people do not get with other forms of online therapy like telephone counselling or online chat.

We also have Face time available if you do not wish to install Skype.

You can arrange this by calling us on: 0191 2092887/ Office Mobile: 07748446774

How to create your appointment

We will send you to a private link once you have pre booked your appointment .All you need to do is make sure you have Skype installed and that you have an account which is free. Then just click the button in the private link at the time of your appointment.

How many sessions ?

Therapeutic guidelines and good practice in counselling state that, counselling is more beneficial with a minimum of 6 sessions up to 15 sessions.

It may be that differing clients might require what is termed as mid term support which can last for up to 4 months - 1 year or long term psychotherapeutic support for up to 2 years.

Most new clients usually follow the minimum amount and initially book 6 sessions.

Once you have contacted the team, we will put some organisational aspects of therapy in place to enable us to smoothly organise your sessions.

How much will my therapy sessions cost ?

All of your therapy sessions cost £35.00 per session including your assessment, payable via our Paypal invoice system.

You will be invoiced prior to your session commencing via your email address only.

Firstly we would appreciate you filling out the billing information.

We are sorry but we cannot accept block booking discounts as we have already reduced the cost of our sessions to suit most pockets.


Cancellation Policy ASCA North East

Any fees paid in advance will not be refunded under the following circumstance:

If you wish to cancel your appointment you must do so using the following procedure.

Email us on info@ascanortheast.co.uk giving us at least 48 hours advance notice of your cancellation, i.e. if your session is booked for a Wednesday at 3.30pm, you must inform us by or before 3.30pm on the Monday prior to your appointment.

ASCA North East has a very high demand for our services, more so at particular times of the day, and your session is reserved and booked in solely for you and cannot be made available to others for booking.