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By treating the cause as well as the symptoms, Psychosexual therapy gives couples or individuals an opportunity to explore why a problem may have arisen.

Our very experienced,patient and understanding psychosexual counsellor will work with you to bring you to a point where your understanding and awareness of your issue is much more easily dealt with in an easy to work through process.


Psychosexual Therapy

Sexual problems or difficulties can arise in any relationship - some issues include: loss of sexual desire, arousal disorders, erectile dysfunction, difficulty with orgasm etc. Such psychosexual therapy issues may be longstanding or more recent and psychosexual therapy can help resolve these difficulties by giving individuals or couples an opportunity to explore why a problem may have arisen. Treating the cause as well as symptoms allows clients to overcome problems - where appropriate, by a specific psychosexual therapy treatment programme designed to suit the individual /couple.

We can help increase your self-esteem and help you lead a more productive and happy life.
— Shaun McCowie - ASCA abuse counsellor