Shaun McCowie

Counsellor, Trainer & Clinical Supervisor -    Points of Light Award

Counsellor, Trainer & Clinical Supervisor - Points of Light Award

My experience as a counsellor working with adults has taught me that each individual has untapped courage, strength, and resilience, and that strong desire to love and be loved and connected to both self and others. 

Sometimes, though we find ourselves lost in the speed of this modern and hectic world and need to be supported, encouraged, and challenged to get ourselves and our lives either back on track, or walking forward into a new and more fulfilling, rewarding, and meaningful place in our lives.

I work primarily from a Person Centred, strength based, solution focused, and cognitive behavioural (CBT) based approach. What this means is that I walk alongside my clients and help support them to look at or re-discover their inner strengths, their inner resources, and their inner self as they work through the issues in their lives that are problematic for them and getting in the way of feeling happiness, connection, joy and self fulfilment.

In my practice the clients I work with often start to notice positive change and begin to feel better and feel positive changes in their mood and outlook on their life, self, and their relationships. 

My therapeutic approach is designed to achieve lasting results and to enable the person to make stronger life decisions born out of their own life choices and a stronger and reinforced sense of self , and self autonomy. My goal is to help people to honestly look at self and challenge the thoughts, words, and behaviours that often land them in a place of feeling frustrated, discouraged, upset, sad, worried,, depressed or anxious.

Jan Douglas

Counsellor, Trainer & Clinical Supervisor

Counsellor, Trainer & Clinical Supervisor

Hi, my name is Jan and I have 14 years experience working as a person centred counsellor and 10 years experience as a counselling supervisor. I have worked for a number of years in the field of mental health as a trainer covering issues around anxiety, depression, abuse , grief and loss and relationship difficulties. 

Finding the right counsellor can be difficult and it is important that you feel comfortable with the counsellor you choose so that you are able to work through the issues you are experiencing. At ASCA we make this experience as relaxed as possible and offer a safe, non-judgemental environment. 


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