Donation Facility | Concessionary Counselling

Here at asca northeast counselling services we are very aware that there are people in our society who do not have the financial means to access particular types of counselling services, because of their personal circumstances. 

We think that this is a particularly unfair and rather unbalanced situation for people who are suffering and find it very difficult to move forward with their lives. Therefore we have setup the donation facility to enable us to service those members of our society who are disadvantaged through absolutely no fault of their own. 

The 2 areas that we have looked at are abuse counselling and bereavement counselling. We have massively reduced our fees by 50% and will allocate vacant slots in our schedule to accommodate these clients. This service relies solely on the generosity of the public donating to the fund and our clients are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to access counselling with 7 to 10 days of first contact with us. 

As a donator you are able to specify in which of the 2 areas you would like your money to be spent in. 

- On receipt of your donation you will be sent an email/letter thanking you for your donation and confirming the amount and the area of counselling you wish your donation to be spent in. 
- Whilst fully maintaining the clients confidentiality. Once the sessions are completed we will send you a email/letter confirming that your donation has been well spent, and in the exact area that you specified. 


Donations can be made via a secure encrypted payment system (PayPal). 

Simply click on the PayPal icon and you can make your donation just like any other payment system (you do not have to have a PayPal account to make a payment). 

Counselling & therapy


It would be helpful to us if you could possibly send us an email/letter to inform us of your donation, however if you wish to remain anonymous and require no further contact, we will of course fully respect your wishes.