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ASCA Northeast Counselling Services, is a private Counselling Practice providing Talking Therapies in Newcastle .

ASCA North East Counselling Services

ASCA North East Counselling Services

ASCA North east counselling services is a private practice in Newcastle with many years of experience in helping people cope with mental health problems,

Originally we evolved from an established charity working with adult survivors of childhood abuse and now our team of qualified male and female counsellors offer a wide range of professional and confidential counselling services including anxiety counselling ,childhood abuse, bereavement, alcohol and substance abuse and group work sessions.

Talking Therapies Newcastle

We pride ourselves on our professional yet approachable attitude, all of our ASCA counsellors understand that YOU are the expert on YOU and work to accompany our clients through their journey and help find the answers which suit you.

Can Counselling help me?

Counselling can be very beneficial to your emotional wellbeing and helps people with a wide variety of emotional issues using talking therapies. If you find yourself in a place that you feel you have no one to talk to about what is happening to you, then north east counselling services can really help. We all have thinking and emotions which we can find are difficult to talk about  – counselling gives you an opportunity to discuss them in a safe, accepting and non-judgmental environment.

Talking Therapies in Newcastle

Talking Therapies in Newcastle

Who are you?

You might not be coping very well with something which is creating emotional pain in your life, or you may have a strange sense of things not being quite right for you. You may be thinking about getting some psychological support but don’t know where to turn to next or what to expect from a counsellor.

What’s happening for you as a person?

Today’s stressful and fast paced life affects individuals in many different ways, North East Counselling Services are in just the right place and position be able to help you. You might feel under pressure at work or in your personal life, struggling with your self confidence and maybe suffering with anxiety and depression.

You may have lost someone or something which is very close  to you, or you could be having problems within a relationship which has  had a disturbing impact on the way you are feeling or thinking. You might even be doubting your very own sanity! If you or your family are experiencing issues that you may want to explore then we are here to help you look at your problems. 

How can we help you?

Our mission is to get you exactly the right professional help as quickly as we possibly can. We know that NHS waiting lists are intolerable and that you could be waiting for months to see a counsellor, which can all too often make the situation worse, so we promise to meet with you within a matter of only a few short days to enable you to be assessed and allocated a counsellor who will be matched with you to meet your personal needs. 

The work we do with you is highly confidential and the record of your attendance will not be shared or given to anyone without your express written permission (except under exceptional circumstances and if we feel that you or our communities are at risk of harm). We have counsellors that have worked in talking therapies newcastle for an extended period of time and have qualifications and experience in a range of different psychological modalities, so we can give a lot of careful thought to matching you up with the most appropriate counsellor for you.

Counselling in Newcastle

Counselling in Newcastle

What happens next ?

If you want to book your newcastle counselling assessment Click here 

You can also drop us an email info@ascanortheast.co.uk or call the office on 0191 2092887 / Office Mobile 07748446774 

You are not alone !!

Let US work to help YOU.


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