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Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Group Work (Closed Group)

10 Thursday Evenings - 6th April to 8th June - £10pp per session

These groups will run for 10 weeks, 2 hour sessions, starting at 6:30pm and finishing at 8:30pm, with a small refreshment break mid-way through (maximum 12 persons per group). 

These groups will be what we term as 'closed groups'. Once you have registered your interest and the group is established, no new faces will suddenly appear within the group, as the group will now be classed as closed. The group facilitators will also remain the same throughout the life of the group. 


The aims of these types of groups is that we can all share our experiences and thoughts around a whole range of issues. We are all in a constant state of learning in one way or another. 

Group participations is a proven way to learn about what other people are having to cope with in their everyday lives, and how they may or may not be able to deal with their issues.