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Counselling surrounding alcohol and substance misuse can help individuals explore the reasons for misuse and for those who wish to change and consider their options in preventing relapse.


Substance & Alcohol Misuse Counselling

Misuse of alcohol and/or substances can affect lives in many ways: depression, anxiety & stress, relationship problems, legal problems, financial problems, employment problems, health problems etc. Our counselling services can help individuals explore the reasons for the misuse, aim to reduce health-damaging behaviour associated with the misuse, consider the options and help prevent relapse in those who wish to change their lives by stopping the misuse.

Our Drug Counsellor/Alcohol Counsellor - Are highly trained in their chosen areas of expertise and are experienced in one to one counselling and group work.

We can accompany you through your journey, listen to you and help you find the answers which suit you.
— Shaun McCowie - ASCA abuse counsellor