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ASCA North East, is a private counselling practice working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse.


ASCA Counselling is a private practice based in Newcastle upon Tyne, which has evolved from an established charity working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse. ASCA the now closed charity, was born out of the Cleveland abuse enquiry in the 1980s.

Whilst maintaining our counselling service to adult survivors of childhood abuse, in addition our team of qualified male & female counsellors offer the following professional and confidential counselling services; bereavement, CBT, generic counselling, psychosexual,cancer counselling, alcohol & substance abuse, and also group-work sessions.

We pride ourselves on our professional yet approachable attitude, all of our ASCA counsellors understand that YOU are the expert on YOU and work to accompany our clients through their journey and help find the answers which suit you.

Let US work to help YOU.


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